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A key element of PROOF's advocacy work is the use of personal stories. Currently featuring stories from our exhibitions, "Broken?" and "Ferguson Voices: Disrupting the Frame", PROOF invites you to click below to hear first-hand some of the stories of the upstanders, activists, and those directly affected by injustice who we have worked with to learn about moral courage through personal experience.


The 2017 Picture Justice summer program documented the experience of immigrants in New York as well as the U.S Government’s unjust mechanisms used to prohibit the assimilation of immigrants. This project explored the work of immigrant advocacy organization, the New York Sanctuary Coalition, as well as the stories of immigrants living in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Our hope is that spending time with these stories will expand your understanding of the immigrant experience and motivate you to act and advocate for humane policies and fair treatment of all.



Teodosia del Carmen immigrated to Sunset Park, Brooklyn from Puebla Mexico 16 years ago. After working in a factory for 2 years, with a salary of $70 a week, she started a fruit cart on the corner 5th and 56th street in Brooklyn, NY. 

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Benito Bravo

Benito Bravo started dancing at the age of five, and instantly fell in love with it. He started teaching dance fifteen years ago, after receiving many requests from people in his community. 

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The New York Sanctuary Coalition
Part 1: The Movement

The New York Sanctuary Coalition is an organization that provides a network and programs to help undocumented immigrants fight against racism and economic injustice as well as detention and deportation. 

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Part 2: The Jericho Walk

The Jericho Walk is a movement of support led by the New York Sanctuary Coalition that takes place in front of the Jacob K. Javits Federal Building in Lower Manhattan. 

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Part 3: The Physical Sanctuary of Amanda Morales

Amanda Morales was asked to report to the Jacob K. Javits Federal Building with a one way ticket to Guatemala as demanded by her prosecutor. 

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5 + 5

This story explores the many similarities and differences between
5th Ave in Sunset Park (Brooklyn) and 5th Ave in Manhattan from an immigration perspective. 

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What does undocumented mean? Does it mean you can't go to school? Does it mean you can't accomplish as many things as an average American? Being undocumented simply means you don’t have citizenship status. 

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