Photo: Khalid Mohammed

Photo: Khalid Mohammed

The series of events that have recently unfolded regarding the Yezidis in Iraq have brought to light the recurrent, and often under-documented, issue of minority persecution in the Middle East.

The consistent media coverage of the ongoing crisis prompted a relatively quick intervention by the international community, highlighting how effective media can ignite action, but that response also raises concerns about the consequences of falling out of the public eye.

U.S.–African Leaders Summit: Investing in the Next Generation

On August 4, President Obama welcomed more than forty-five African heads of state to Washington D. C. for the U.S. – African Leaders Summit, a first of its kind. The President announced plans for the Summit last year after his trip to Africa, with the goal of opening up a new chapter in U.S.-African relations.

Stories of Courage
Paulina Kisielewska

The one thing that I remember most is my meeting with Sarah [a Jewess] in that shed. When I entered to feed the chickens and saw her filthy all over with feces--she had escaped via the sewers--I was horrified.

Field Notes
Field Notes: July 2014

In July's Field Notes: Partnering with Indian Photojournalist Smita Sharma to Focus on Rape; Refugee Testimonies Workshop at Clark University (Photo: A woman in a village of West Bengal walks over rice husk to separate them (Photo: Smita Sharma).

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