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PROOF uses visual storytelling to highlight human rights and promote peacebuilding

Bringing together photographers, documentarians, academics, and activists, PROOF creates exhibitions, publications, and on-site activities in nations with some of the world’s most troubled histories. PROOF’s exhibitions tell untold stories of acts of moral courage and document injustice and human rights abuses.

By partnering with local organizations in post-conflict societies, PROOF creates visual documentary projects that become sustainable educational tools in regions riven by recent armed conflict and atrocities. PROOF’s mission is to contribute to research and scholarship, develop educational materials for local and international use, and encourage activism and empowerment to promote social change.

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Each year, PROOF's Annual Report is launched the night of our Annual Benefit Auction. These can then be viewed online any time by clicking on Who We Are. Below is the report for 2013, which will be up here until the auction night.


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With each of PROOF's projects, we develop traveling exhibitions that are available for hire. We can also design customized versions of the exhibitions to suit your institution, community group or organization.

We've also worked closely with organizations the world over to develop educational programs that include symposiums, workshops and conferences. Contact us today if you'd like more information.



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