PROOF: Media for Social Justice and the University Of Dayton's Human Rights Center launched the latest PROOF exhibition, "Ferguson Voices: Disrupting the Frame" at the Roesch Library at the University of Dayton in January 2017. Part of the Moral Courage Project, the exhibition features photographs from Mark Katzman.

The people of Ferguson have a story to tell – and one that the majority of those in the United States have not heard or fully understood.
This story is even more urgent today.

The death of Michael Brown sparked outrage and launched a movement due to what many have known to be true throughout America’s history: For too long people of color have been systematically targeted and criminalized.

Ferguson isn’t the only community where disenfranchisement and inequality is manifest,but it has become a symbol. “Ferguson is everywhere” became the rallying cry in the days, months and years since Michael’s death.

The stories and images captured in Ferguson Voices: Disrupting the Frame are a testament not only to the systemic discrimination that the Ferguson protests laid bare, but also to the power of transformative action taken to foster community, accountability and justice.

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PROOF uses visual storytelling and Education to inspire action on human rights.

PROOF: Media for Social Justice is a non-profit organization based in New York City that uses visual storytelling and education to inspire action on human rights and create attitude and policy change. PROOF was founded in 2006 with a vision to unite the skills and experiences of internationally renowned photojournalists for social justice advocacy and action.

PROOF brings together photographers, documentarians, journalists, academics, students, and activists to create photo exhibitions, publications, and educational workshops that document global and domestic social injustices and empower people to act. Our exhibits and workshops aim to engage the broader public in conversations about human rights, peace, and justice through moving firsthand testimonies and powerful photo narratives.

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