Photo: NayanTara Gurung Kakshapati

Photo: NayanTara Gurung Kakshapati

PROOF does much of its work in conjunction with other worthy organizations, but there are times when we're proud to say our efforts were pivotal. It was a privilege to organize workshops in Nepal as part of our "Legacy of Rape" program that gave victims a voice for the first time, providing a safe place for them to tell their stories. We're proud that TRIAL selected two of the women, who we empowered to become cases before the UN COMMITTEE ON HUMAN RIGHTS, as examples of the hideous crimes that have taken place in Nepal, particularly in its remote communities. TRIAL presented their cases this summer, and talks about their importance here trial.org.ch.

It's the fundamental premise of PROOF that the act of documenting human rights crimes and tragedies is a first step to reducing their reoccurrence, and a vital step in restoring dignity to individuals and communities affected. Sometimes providing an opportunity for these stories to be told is useful as an inspiring cautionary tale to the affected communities, or other groups across the world as our exhibits travel, but this partnership with TRIAL is a wonderful example of how bringing light to these dark moments can create pressure for reform.

U.S.–African Leaders Summit: Investing in the Next Generation

On August 4, President Obama welcomed more than forty-five African heads of state to Washington D. C. for the U.S. – African Leaders Summit, a first of its kind. The President announced plans for the Summit last year after his trip to Africa, with the goal of opening up a new chapter in U.S.-African relations.

Stories of Courage
A Call for Stories

Have you seen someone raise their voice when it would have been easier, or safer, to be silent? Take a stand while everyone else sat idly by? 

If you think you know someone or a group who has taken a stand and measures up, let us know by emailing us at StoriesOfCourage@proof.org with your story and we’ll feature it on our website.

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Field Notes
Field Notes: July 2014

In July's Field Notes: Partnering with Indian Photojournalist Smita Sharma to Focus on Rape; Refugee Testimonies Workshop at Clark University (Photo: A woman in a village of West Bengal walks over rice husk to separate them (Photo: Smita Sharma).

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