Picture Justice

APPLICATIONS open for Summer 2017

August 14-25th


Picture Justice equips Participants with the skills to address social injustices in their own communities Through a combination of photography, storytelling, and human rights education.

The program fosters critical thinking and active citizenship, promotes compassion and empathy, and equips participants with the skills needed to be social justice advocates.

Participants work with professional photographers, journalists, and educators, to explore a human rights issue of their choosing, research, document, and create. They also meet with community leaders, lawyers, activists, and advocates working on reform. We will be photographing and taking testimonies from people who have lived experiences of the program topic.

Participants may produce online photo essays, recorded testimonials, and education resource toolkits. Regardless of the creative output, Picture Justice participants walk away with an invaluable set of research, artistic, and leadership skills.


  • Ethical reporting and testimony taking
  • Photography training
  • Knowledge of human rights issues
  • Public speaking and advocacy


Picture Justice began as a partnership between PROOF: Media for Social Justice and the United Nations International School in 2014. Together, PROOF and UNIS developed and piloted Picture Justice through a summer social justice and photojournalism intensive for New York City high school students.

The program was such a success that PROOF offered even more students from across the city the opportunity to participate in 2015. PROOF continues to develop and expand this program with available partnership opportunities for high schools, universities, and community service organizations across the country.

In 2015,  Picture Justice students explored mass incarceration in the U.S., a social justice issue that interested and inspired participants to conduct research, create a large-scale photo exhibition entitled Broken?,  and produce an accompanying day-long symposium and theatre production on criminal justice reform. Students learned ethical reporting and photojournalism techniques, met with community leaders working in prison reform, spoke to formerly incarcerated people and individuals with firsthand experiences with the criminal justice system, and generated a large-scale photo exhibition


Picture Justice's power lies in its unique combination of creative skill development, human rights education, and the practical and immediate application of those skills. Young people who participate strengthen their social justice muscle, expand their knowledge of a critical human rights issue, and develop the skills to promote equality, dignity, and respect in their schools, communities, and society.  

We at PROOF believe it is critical to nurture deep thinkers who can examine multiple sides to an issue; who feel connected to civic life; and who recognize their personal responsibility to make the world a better place.  

PROOF: Media for Social Justice envisions an informed, socially-conscious, and compassionate city where all children can thrive, and we believe Picture Justice is a unique and engaging step to achieving that vision.

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Images courtesy of Ligeia Moltisanti

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Picture Justice 2015-16 Broken?

Installation of Picture Justice exhibition, "Broken?" at the United Nations International School, November 2015.

Installation of Picture Justice exhibition, "Broken?" at the United Nations International School, November 2015.

Picture Justice 2014: I Don't Feel Protected

Installation of Picture Justice exhibition, "I Don't Feel Protected" at the United Nations International School, 2014.

Installation of Picture Justice exhibition, "I Don't Feel Protected" at the United Nations International School, 2014.

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