By Kevin Del Rio

What does undocumented mean? Foes it mean you cant go to school? Does it mean you cant accomplish as many things as an average American? Being undocumented simply means you don’t have citizenship status. When compared to a US citizen there aren't many differences. In the United States, these citizenship documents are separating families, and preventing immigrants from living a full life. Carlos  was born in Ecuador. At age nine, he came to the United States with his uncle seeking a better life full of opportunities.

When Carlos was sixteen he became the co-owner of a tutoring business that is progressively growing. Teenagers often work a variety of low-wage part time jobs, but Carlos wasn’t like most kids. He was able to run his tutoring business while also going to school. As an undocumented immigrant with no social security card, Carlos wasn’t able to receive financial aid for college. He was able to get over this financial obstacle when two of his high school teachers set up a fundraiser to raise money for his tuition. The fundraiser gave Carlos enough money to pay for his first semester of college. While at college he balanced running the tutoring program, and working at diners and any other jobs he could find. Throughout his life he has focused on being a good role model for his brother and sister, to allow them to succeed and hope for a better future.

So what is different about Carlos from other individuals? He is a hard worker. He always strives for more. At a young age he has achieved more than he imagined he could, and he did all of this as an undocumented immigrant, achieving the “Americam Dream”