Questions and answers provide answers to reader questions including NGO PROOF’s work to address human rights issues and how to interact with PROOF.


Questions and Answers

What is PROOF: Media for Social Justice?

Founded in 2006, PROOF: Media for Social Justice is a non-governmental organization (NGO) based in New York City. We became a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization in 2010. For details on our history, go to our Timeline.

What does PROOF do?

Using visual storytelling and education to highlight human rights and promote peacebuilding is PROOF’s mission. Our organization brings together photographers, documentarians, academics, and activists to create exhibitions, publications, and on-site activities in nations with some of the world’s most troubled histories.

In 2014 PROOF's mission and engagements expanded to include projects and programs in the US. The domestic education and advocacy programs support and balance our work internationally.

PROOF’s exhibitions tell untold stories of acts of moral courage and document injustice and human rights abuses. By partnering with local organizations in globally and in the US, PROOF creates visual documentaries that become sustainable educational tools in regions riven by recent armed conflict and atrocities.

PROOF works to promote social change by contributing to research and scholarship, developing educational materials for local and international use, and encouraging activism and empowerment.

Which topics is PROOF involved with?

Our current main programmatic areas are sexual violence in conflict and post-conflict areas, gender based violence, mass incarceration in the US and moral courage in all parts of the world. Past programs have focused on genocide prevention through  The Rescuers and Darfur projects as well as Child Soldiers.

What types of partnerships does PROOF establish?

To accomplish our mission, we work in partnership with other NGOs, national and international foundations, professional associations, and governmental organizations. We also work with multilateral organizations such as the U.N. and International Criminal Court.

How is PROOF governed?

PROOF is governed by a Board of Directors and an Advisory Board.

How can I get help and materials from PROOF?

We can help you conceptualize, design, and build exhibits for your unique issues. For more information, please email Debra Driscoll at debra@proof.org.

Some of our educational materials and reports can be downloaded from the PROOF website. You can find photos and video clips on our website under Teachers’ Resources. For larger materials, such as exhibit panels, please email debra@proof.org

Does PROOF authorize the reproduction of its materials?

PROOF and its partners reserve the rights of publication. You may reproduce our materials only with our permission. For details, please email debra@proof.org

When should I use the PROOF logo?

When your organization works with PROOF on an event or project, please include the PROOF logo in your published materials.

If you use materials created by PROOF to develop other materials, please cite the original PROOF document and include the PROOF logo.

Click here to download PROOF’s logo.

Does PROOF currently have any job openings?

We do not currently have any job vacancies.

Does PROOF offer volunteer opportunities?

PROOF offers internships and other volunteer opportunities in communications, media, and development. If you are interested in working as a volunteer at PROOF, please send a resume or CV to info@proof.org.