Picture Justice


Picture Justice has reached Australian shores!


PROOF’s Creative Director, Willhemina Wahlin, is leading a team of researchers from Charles Sturt University (CSU) and Swinburne University of Technology to run the first Picture Justice program in Australia (aptly named “Picture Justice Australia”).

Focusing on the themes of ‘community, citizenry and processes of democracy’, Picture Justice Australia will be an intensive, 6-day workshop program for up to 15 year 11 and 12 students from the Port Macquarie-Hastings region in New South Wales.

The workshop program will include:

  • Ethical Interviewing (with PROOFs own Leora Kahn!)

  • Design Thinking

  • Narrative Development

  • Story Editing

  • Photography

  • Introduction to Civics

The program will also feature a morning of talks with local leaders, including Birpai Elder Uncle Bill O’Brien; Lucilla Marshall (Head of the Port Macquarie-Hastings Council’s Place making team), and Kerri-Ann Jones (President of the Climate Change Council, Hastings Branch).

Our research wants to understand young regional Australians better: how they view themselves as citizens, and what types of processes of democracy they already participate in. We’re also keen to know if this type of intensive, creative and multidisciplinary workshop program can encourage young people to raise their voices in their communities.

Picture Justice Australia has been funded through CSU’s Faculty of Arts and Education Compact funding scheme, and a grant from Port Macquarie-Hastings Council. Additional support has been provided by PROOF, the Birpai Land Council, and The Whitlam Institute.


Educating and inspiring our next generation of Upstanders

Picture Justice equips participants with the skills to address social injustices in their own communities through a combination of photography, storytelling, and human rights education.

The program fosters critical thinking and active citizenship, promotes compassion and empathy, and equips participants with the skills needed to be social justice advocates.



Participants work with professional photographers, journalists, and educators, to explore a local human rights/ social justice issue. Participants meet with community leaders, lawyers, activists, and advocates working on reform, advocacy and social change. Capturing photos and taking testimonies from people who have lived experiences of the program topic.

Participants produce a photo exhibition, online photo essays, and an edition of the PROOF POST - advocacy newspaper. Picture Justice participants walk away with an invaluable set of research, artistic, and leadership skills.

Founded in 2014 in partnership with the United Nations International School.


  • Photography training

  • Personal story as advocacy tools

  • Knowledge of human rights issues

  • Public speaking and advocacy

In-school programming

Picture Justice can be integrated into school curriculum, providing a unique multi-faceted approach to learning about social justice, photography, and human rights within the classroom. Hear below from students from a recent in-school Picture Justice partnership with Avenues: The World School. 

In the last month I feel I have grown into a more aware and better New York citizen which has been very exciting for me. The topics and lessons you shared with us truly embodied the saying “step out of your bubble” and was an action I had an amazing time doing. I look forward to continuing work surrounding these topics in the future.
— Belle Frazier, Avenues: The World School Picture Justice Student

Interested in Picture Justice?

Click here to learn more about Picture Justice and apply for our Summer 2018 session. All students are encouraged to apply!

To bring Picture Justice to your school or community, contact PROOF today.

Images courtesy of Ligeia Moltisanti


The summer students documented stories of activism and social change movements across the city. Their Zine; PICTURE the FUTURE, is below and available as a resource to all teachers and students.


Picture Justice 2015-16 Broken?

Installation of Picture Justice exhibition, "Broken?" at the United Nations International School, November 2015.

Installation of Picture Justice exhibition, "Broken?" at the United Nations International School, November 2015.