Part 3: Amanda


By Kate McGreevy & Yasmine Sanchez


Amanda Morales was asked to report to the Jacob K. Javits Federal Building with a one way ticket to Guatemala as demanded by her prosecutor. Amanda shares, “I did not go to my appointment because they told me that in this appointment they would stop me... because this was the final appointment.” Amanda decided to take sanctuary in Holyrood Episcopal Church that’s part of the New York Sanctuary Coalition which is working to keep her with her family. Amanda, currently undocumented is a mother of 3 kids trying to make a life for herself and her family in America because of poverty back in her home town in Guatemala. However, in New York, Amanda was in fear that ICE would come and take her away because she did not attend her last appointment and so, she sought sanctuary. Through some research she found Juan Carlos Ruiz, a priest at St. Jacobi Evangelical Lutheran Church the Holyrood Church who offered her a stay at the Holyrood church. Through the NYSC programs Amanda is now being informed about the immigration process, has a support structure and a temporary home at the church which provides her and her kids a bed, food and water, and above all santuary. Amanda is hoping that her request for Asylum will be granted so she can reunite with her partner in Long Island and continue her life in the United States.