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With each of PROOF's projects, we develop traveling exhibitions that are available for hire. Click the links below to download exhibit specifications, or contact PROOF for more details. 

PROOF works closely with organizations around the world to develop educational programs that include symposiums, workshops, and conferences that often accompany our exhibitions. We can also design customized versions of the exhibitions to suit your institution, community group, or organization. 

Click through to our Projects page for more details, or contact us directly for more information.


The Legacy of Rape

Rape has become one of the most prevalent weapons of war employed in countries worldwide. Hundreds of thousands of survivors of sexual violence from Nepal to Colombia now live in silence and shame without even the most basic services for treatment and mechanisms for accountability.

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Picturing Moral Courage: The Rescuers

Picturing Moral Courage: The Rescuers is an exhibition of photographs and extraordinary stories from the Holocaust, and the genocides that occurred in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Rwanda, and Cambodia. These remarkable stories emerge of ordinary heroes who resisted overwhelming tides of prejudice and violence to risk their lives saving members from enemy groups.

The exhibition was launched in Seville, Spain, at Tres Culturas Cultural Center’s gallery in April 2010, and has since traveled to many locations around the world that include Yale University, the University of Geneva and the BBI Centar in Sarajevo. 

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Ferguson Voices: Disrupting the Frame is part of the Moral Courage Project, a collaboration between the University of Dayton's Human Rights Center and PROOF to document, archive, and publicize instances of moral courage.

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Our Picture Justice 2015-16 program: Broken? examined the United States' criminal justice system. The program explored racial disparities in the War on Drugs, mandatory minimum sentences that warehouse nonviolent offenders for inordinate amounts of time, the torture of solitary confinement, the experiences of children whose parents were incarcerated, the criminalization of addiction and mental health issues, and the role of advocates who are working to change this system. 

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The 2017 Picture Justice summer program documented the experience of immigrants in New York as well as the U.S Government’s unjust mechanisms used to prohibit the assimilation of immigrants. This project explored the work of immigrant advocacy organization, the New York Sanctuary Coalition, as well as the stories of immigrants living in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

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