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Picturing Moral Courage: The Rescuers

PROOF: Media for Social Justice is proud to present its internationally celebrated exhibition of work by world renowned photographers “The Rescuers: Picturing Moral Courage”.

Picturing Moral Courage: The Rescuers is an exhibition of photographs and extraordinary stories from the Holocaust, and the genocides that occurred in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Rwanda, and Cambodia. These remarkable stories emerge of ordinary heroes who resisted overwhelming tides of prejudice and violence to risk their lives saving members from enemy groups.

The exhibition was launched in Seville, Spain, at Tres Culturas Cultural Center’s gallery in April 2010, and has since traveled to many locations around the world that include Yale University, the University of Geneva and the BBI Centar in Sarajevo.

Exhibition Rationale
Peacemakers have long struggled to understand the causative factors to Genocide and how to design ways to build in protective measures against this type of violence. This exhibition tries to address these questions. PROOF: Media for Social Justice uses photography and narratives to deepen awareness and understanding of the presence of rescue behavior during genocide or mass violence. Our goal is to show how to better understand the conditions that support compassionate behavior in the face of communal violence. 

4 x 4 x 6 , freestanding rectangular prisms:

  • Prism 1 contains signage (side 1), photographer and organizing body information(side 2), a world map and country statistics (side 3) and 1 panel with photograph/story (from Cambodia, side 4);

  • Prism 2, 3 and 4 include 5 photographs/stories (sides 1, 2 and 3 each with 1 photograph/ story, side 4 with 2 photographs/stories) from Rwanda, Bosnia-Herzgovina and the Holocaust.

  • Posters and brochures are also available upon request.

    The curator is available to liaise with each venue to o er lectures and/orworkshops, which will enhance the educational access and impact of the exhibition.


  • Rental Fee: Non Profit ($3,500) Corporate ($9,000)
    Exhibition hire (monthly fee), curator/lecturer fees and shipping costs are all available upon request. Please contact PROOF for more details

  • In addition to the rental fee, the borrower is responsible for round-trip transportation costs. Object label copy and introductory text material, if applicable, are provided to venues, as well as invitation templates and brochures.

To and from:
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*Borrower bears all fees, including shipping and insurance.

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