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PROOF Turns Ten - Ron Haviv

PROOF TURNS TEN on Monday 17 October 2016, with a celebration auction featuring some outstanding and award winning photographers who have generously donated their work in support of PROOF and social justice.

Award-winning photojournalist Ron Haviv, co-founder of VII, has produced images concerning human rights since the end of the Cold War. He has published four acclaimed books and museums and galleries have featured his work including the Louvre and the UN. Haviv has been the central character in three documentary films and has spoken about his work in the media including CNN, GMA and The Charlie Rose Show.




Our ONLINE AUCTION has begun click to BID.

PROOF10 Silent on BIdSquare

The ONLINE AUCTION will be open until the live and silent auction event on October 17th.



Ron Haviv has donated "The Arrival"