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LinkBack: Interpreting Elder’s Stories through Theater

Last week, Big Apple Playback Theater kicked off the second annual LINKBack community story program by visiting two senior care facilities. LINKBack invites senior communities to come together and share personal stories about standing up for themselves. The audience participated by sharing recollections with the group while actors interpreted their stories and played them back on stage.

Hearing memories of perilous hitchhiking, advocating for a treasured Tai Chi class, and navigating the challenges that come with an aging body, we were reminded that creating space for active listening is invaluable.

We are grateful to the elders who shared their recollections with vulnerability and grace, and look forward to returning to these community spaces for continued dialogue. Stories heard and documented will be crafted into podcasts and videos and shared in the fall to celebrate elder activism.

Acknowledgment of funding support from the New York Foundation for Eldercare for making this project possible.