Hire an Exhibition

Hire An Exhibition

With each of PROOF's projects, we develop traveling exhibitions that are available for hire. Click the links below to download exhibit specifications, or contact PROOF for more details. 

PROOF works closely with organizations around the world to develop educational programs that include symposiums, workshops, and conferences that often accompany our exhibitions. We can also design customized versions of the exhibitions to suit your institution, community group, or organization. 

Click through to our Projects page for more details, or contact us directly for more information.


Child Soldiers

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The Legacy of Rape

This exhibition gives voice to those who have survived rape or sexual violence in conflict zones.

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The Rescuers is an exhibition of photographs and extraordinary stories from the Holocaust, & the genocides in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Rwanda, & Cambodia.

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The 12 Stories and images captured are a testament not only to the systemic discrimination that the Ferguson protests laid bare, but also to the power of transformative action taken to foster community, accountability and justice. 

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