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Witnessing - Refugee Testimonies and Advocacy

A Partnership with Clark University

April 27 - 30, 2017  Applications OPEN NOW!

Witnessing: Refugee Testimonies and Advocacy workshops are co-facilitated by Dr. Anita Fabos, Associate Professor of International Development and Social Change at Clark University and Leora Kahn, Executive Director of PROOF: Media for Social Justice.

These workshops bring together refugee service professionals, community leaders, and field practitioners in local and international agencies, representatives of government entities, and academics in a collaborative environment. 

You will learn:

  • Methods and ethics of testimony-taking with forced migrants and refugees 
  • Uses of refugee testimonies for advocacy
  • Politics of testimony-taking
  •  Construct narratives through different techniques
  • Techniques of visual story telling for advocacy

April's Workshop will be held at CLARK UNIVERSITY, Worcester, Massachusetts

GO to to read more and apply!